What’s going on here? Indian skull similarities.


Soooo… what’s going on here? The shirt on the left is a brand new shirt from DeadBuryDead, makers of my beloved Shallow Grave shirt and generally a good, solid company who have put a lot of nice stuff over the last years (new stuff just went up on their website, check it out).

However, the indian skull is pretty much the trademark image of Scumbags and Superstars, who have put it on shirts (the one to the right above is currently for sale at 20 bucks), who have put it on numerous shirts in various styles, cast it in vinyl, made a brass baddass ring out of it and so on.

So, is this a classic image that both of them happened to start using or what’s going on? I have to say I’m a bit surprised by the fact that DeadBuryDead weren’t familiar with Scumbags and Superstars’ use of it and left it alone. Or is it all a collaboration?

Here’s what Scumbags and Superstars had to say about this:
The saw our stickers & imagery in Brooklyn & around NYC and ripped off our logo. Plain & simple. I first saw this ridiculous knock off when I was walking through the trendy flea market in Williamsburg over the summer. I emailed them about it but obviously they never responded.

I have to say this disappoints me…

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