Misfits shirts that don’t exist (at least not yet)

Ok, this is not a post about shirts. At least not shirts that exist. It’s about drawings I wish would be printed on shirts so that I could buy them.


Let’s start with this one. I can’t remember how or why, but for some reason, I started followin Burritobreath on Instagram. He’s stir crazy about things with too many eyes on them, and the other day he posted this fantastic Misfits skull. Count the eyes. Get it? I think putting this on a shirt would get you A) heaps of money and B) a lawsuit from the assholes in the band (I’m sorry – I love everything they did up til and including (yes, including) American Psycho) but everyone who’s ever been in that band seems to be a total dick. Anyway, check this guy out – you can see some of his other work to the right above and buy some of his stuff here. Keep your fingers crossed he prints this. You’ll be the first to know.


Here’s another Misfits drawing I would love to see printed on a shirt. I probably wouldn’t wear it, since it calls for a light coloured shirt, but it would be great. “Gamla” means “old” in Swedish, so this is a shirt for all the people who dearly love the band’s old stuff, but don’t feel like being associated with the horrible exploding shitbucket and desecration of the name it’s turned in to these days. This one was made by Dadde, who’s been drumming in a number of well known Swedish punk band for ages now. He’s also a tattooer (see some of his stuff above) and a nice guy. Check him out at www.instagram.com/daddestark.

One Response to Misfits shirts that don’t exist (at least not yet)

  1. blippbloop says:

    hey , 20 Eyes 4 sale now….. http://burritobreath.storenvy.com/

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