Who’s Moondog?


If the world was a fair place, this shirt by Socialfabrik (nice name) would be a cool shirt. Printed on an eco friendly shirt, “moonlight grey on navy” colour scheme and a print that pays tribut to the old New York profile/weirdo Moondog (if you haven’t heard of him, you’ll probably find his Wikipedia entry amusing – the guy used to dress up as Odin and sing in the streets). So why isn’t it?

Well, for starters – have you ever heard of Moondog before? Most people haven’t, I’d say. And even if you have, what are the odds you’ll realize the shirt’s about him? I’ve read about the guy in the past and I didn’t make the connection. Chances are that people just think you’re some loser who dresses in a viking shirt to somehow look cool, or (even worse) if you live in Sweden; that you’re slapping a very thin veil on your aversion to foreigners (for some reason, vikings are really popular with that clique here). Shirts that require a long explanation for them to work… usually you should just stay well away.

On the other hand:

I must say this is clearly a step in a good direction for Socialfabrik. Very nice illustration and sooo much more to my taste than their previous shirts.


IF you should ever happen to walk into a bar wearing your Moondog shirt and there meet a lovely young lady that knows what the hell you’re on about (maybe she’s even a Moondog fan), that feeling of a mutual joke only you two get should give you quite a head start in the battle for her attention. Surely, there’s easier ways though, with vastly greater potential for frequent success. I’m rambling. I’ll shut up now.

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