Siberian Meat Grinder


Long time readers may remember when I wrote about Russian band Hoods Up 495, which later turned into Moscow Death Brigade, and I finally succeeded in my long time search for a Moscow Death Brigade shirt. By the time I got the shirt MDB had long since disbanded, but at least one member had gone on to form a new band, featuring members of Razor Bois and What We Feel:

Siberian Meat Grinder.

Yeah, that’s a pretty badass name and ever since I saw their video for Hail to the Tsar, I’ve been a fan. SMG play catchy as hell thrash, with a lot of hip-hop and punk feel to it, featuring masked members, harboring a fondness for graffiti and with a great eye for design. How can you not like these guys?


There’s one thing they sucked at though: selling merch to foreigners. Just like Moscow Death Brigade, all requests for merch were met with silence or a “no”. Apparently, the Russian postal system i so corrupt that it’s impossible to mailorder things out, the parcels get stolen too often.

Just as I was starting to think about reaching out to old aquaintances in the eastern block, I found this online store in Jekaterinenburg – Rocket shop  –  who had the SMG shirt I wanted. I’ve said it before: dealings with Russia are always a bit scary, but Alex at Rocket shop was very friendly and politely answered all my question (plus, there’s always Paypal buyers protection) so I went ahead and ordered not just the shirt, but also the brand new SMG tour edition CD that collect both their ep:s.

And, yesterday, a fantastically foreign looking parcel showed up in Stockholm with all my stuff (and a few free stickers – thanks!) in it. I am now a happy camper.

Do yourself a favor: follow Siberian Meat Grinder on Facebook and listen to all their stuff for free at Bandcamp.

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