Like a knife in the eye


Ok, so if you’re at all interested in t-shirts and follow any shirt related blogs, you’ve heard about Designbyhumans. Well, not if my blog is the only one you read, not until now. See, even though their idea is to have designers from all over the world, in some sort of scheme that seems like a good idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shirt of theirs that I like OR dislike enough to want to write about it. However, there’s a first time for everything.

These shirts, designed by Mr. Nicole… Wearing these shirts is akin to shouting ALL THE TIME. Just being in the same room as a person wearing one of these would piss me off. Seriously. And I’m not the one to advocate mild La Fraise-like shirts, not at all, but this is too much for me. Actually, these shirts would be great for celebrities and people in witness protection programs – NOBODY will look at your face when you wear a shirt like this. Actually, most people will probably look away in order to avoid this visual overload.

Ok, enough of the mean stuff. Until next time.

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