This is why we can’t have nice things – indeed!


Meet Robber Barons Ink. They make shirts. Some of them have pretty good and/or funny messages. However, in my opinion, the robber barons are missing one fundamental element: good design. Yes, I know: slapping things in sans serif fonts on a plain shirt obviously works great for a lot of companies but christ almighty – it gets boring!

robberbaronTake this shirt for example. This is a good shirt that could have been great. Somebody needs to realize they are good at copy but need a bit of design support. IF they want to get better, that is – it could well be that the whole idea behind this operation is “I do this only to get to design my own shirts” and then I guess we’re stuck.

One Response to This is why we can’t have nice things – indeed!

  1. Thanks for checking us out, we appreciate the feedback… worth noting the few shirts you picked are really the only shirts on the site that are just san serif font graphics though.

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