Christmas sweaters featuring satan (and Snaggletooth (and black santa))


Yeah, I’ve written about x-mas sweaters before and to be totally honest, I’m a bit sick of the whole “wooohoo, wouldn’t it be CRAY-ZEEE if we did an x-mas sweater with yoda/metallica/whatever on it?” thing, it is getting very very old and at the end of the day, wearing most of them isn’t at all different from wearing any random “hey, check it out – I’m funny” shirt with some prefab joke on it. The reason I’m making an exception for Shredders apparel is that I think a few of their designs are really wearable as a nice warm sweater – some of them are really nice. I was too lazy to include their corpsepainted snowman with a burnng church in the background so do visit their website to check that out!

One thing though – these are all only available for pre-order, which makes me wonder a bit about whether they have all the production details sorted out. At least they’re honest and clearly state they can’t guarantee delivery in time for x-mas. Forewarned or not, it would still suck to get your x-mas sweater in March though.

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