Punk as FUCK!!!


Yeah yeah, punk was always commercialized from day one, Malcom McLaren blah blah blah. I don’t give a shit. This has always been the closest thing to “my” subculture and I feel violated when shit like this happens. Because what you see here is not just some clueless idiot kid selling his uglier than fuck jacket on ebay after jumping to the next trend. This is Urban Outfitters making a quick buck without an inkling of understanding of the culture they’re harvesting (I was going to write “raping” but changed my mind). There are som many things wrong with this jacket, it’s fucking insane. About two seconds of research must have gone into it. The weird thing though? This could totally be authentic. Lately, I’ve been image googling a lot of punk jacket, and there’s so much weirdness and ugliness out there.

Ok, I’m losing track of things here, what was I trying to say? Ah, just the same old usual, I suppose: corporate assholes making a buck off my cultural background pisses me off. I wish they lose a bundle of money on these (and get back into making the “Die xxxx scum” shirts again).

(Thanks to Indy grinder for the link)

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