Beermakers and hellraisers

storstarkBesides making sour dough bread and making your own sausages, brewing your own beer is one of the most popular hipster trends. In Sweden, the interest in beer has grown incredibly in the last few years and more and more bars and pubs are catering to the more particular beer drinkers, serving weird and wonderful beer. Without making this into a history lession, I’ll tell you it wasn’t always like this – beer was beer, and if you wanted to drink it, you ordered “En stor stark” (a big strong), which – back in the day – would give you 50cl of generic lager (these days, it’ll only get you 40, due to some evil conspiracy). I guess a lot of people still order this, but I bet it’s declining rapidly.

Omnipollo is one of the hippest of the small, independent beer makers in Sweden, and they have also published a beautiful book on how to make your own beer. Not only that, but they also sell shirts, of which I thought this one was especially good. “R.I.P. Stor Stark” – let’s make it so! Get it here.

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