The illustrated mind


Seriously, I’m too dumb to figure out what The Illustrated mind is, but I’m guessing some sort of shirt label, releasing shirts designed by others, to be sold by others – some sort of curating middle man? With a facebook profile set up like a personal account rather than a page, little or no info on where to buy or any info at all, I can’t see this raking in the big bucks, but some of the designs are pretty good, I have to say. Maybe they’re being intentionally mysterious but that’s not the air they give off, they just seem weird and slightly incompetent. Sorry.


2 Responses to The illustrated mind

  1. Anonymous says:

    you should check out our rubbish website too!

  2. So, is that yours? I saw it but it didn’t seem like the website of The illustrated mind, but rather someone who sells their (and others) stuff? Like I said – hard to understand.

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