Unicorns, rainbows and grindcore


The band you see on the left is TRIGGER (FacebookBandcamp), a grindcore band from the eastern parts of Germany. A few things separate them from your average grindcore band – one being that more than half their live set is totally improvised (which is why their bassplayer always stands with his back to the crowd – so that he can have constant eyecontact with the drummer (the band has no guitarist)). Another thing that is slightly unusual is their merch. On the right is a spectacularly poor photo of the Trigger shirt I bought when my band played with them at Dräschfeschd  earlier this year. Normally, grindcore shirts are grim as heck, black and white affairs jam packed with skulls, nasty insects and omnious stuff. Not this one. Full color professional print in bright neon colors, picturing a winged unicorn surrounded by flowers, with a castle and a rainbow in the background. I worship the complete wrongness of this shirt, and my daughters are frequently talking about who gets the shirt when I die…

This is not listed among the merch on their Bandcamp page, but try contacting them through Facebook, they had plenty of these not so long ago.

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