DIY or die


Ok, this is just a short, kinda pointless post, inspired by the shirt above. All I wanted to say is that many times, if’ you’ve thought of something you want to put on a one-of-a-kind shirt, taking a marker to a blank shirt is not the wrong way to go. Theese days, way too many will turn to Cafepress or similar services and slap their words in black Times New Roman on a white shirt and end up with something so ugly, it feels like getting stabbed in the eyes, just looking at it. Sure, this guy has an “unprofessional” looking shirt, but trust me, just ’cause some cheap ass online service printed your ugly shirt, doesn’t exactly make it scream “pro” either. Unless you know you’re an ok designer or have your own screen printing stuff, I’d advise you to print your shirts in a more DIY way (why not resort to the old potato print method?) and chances are you’ll end up with a much cooler looking and definitely  more original shirt.

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