Dusty Lumber

You know, I’ve pretty much seen it all, whether you’re talking weirdness or gruesomeness in a shirt company, but I was still a bit baffled by Dusty Lumber. Most of the shirts use really detailed, sometimes very nice illustrations, although they aren’t quite there when it comes to contrast and a good use of color, but then all of a sudden there’s a shirt with an all-over print of killer Ian Stawicki, without a single word of motivation on why they’ve opted to do this. The photos in the “about” page seem to offer an explanation (this is the work of young and immature assholes) until you see the name of their “president” is also Stawicki, and you’re forced to wander whether they’re related or just trying to be funny. Or if it isn’t Ian on the shirt in the first place. All in all, it’s enough to put me off this company, which in itself is somewhat of an achievement – normally it takes really crappy shirts to do that, and most of the Dusty Lumber shirts are pretty nice.


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