Vintage Motörhead shirt on eBay – The chase is better than the catch (at lest this particular catch)

Though I’m no fanatic, I like Motörhead a lot. You know, the old golden years (plus 1916 (which, in this case is an album and not a year)). I always used to have a Motörhead shirt from the tender age of eight or so, until I lost the last one about ten years ago (or maybe more). I’ve always meant to replace it, but never felt like buying a brand new regular Snaggletooth shirt from some street vendor (and buying a concert tour shirt featuring one of the later albums NEVER crossed my mind, believe me!). So, I either want a ‘vintage looking’ shirt (which tend to be ugly) or a real vintage shirt (which tends to get REAL pricy). Still, now and then, I have a look at what’s on offer on eBay. Genuine 70s shirts are very expensive, and I strongly suggest there’s a lot of fakes being sold for hundreds of dollars. Also, my everlasting problem with vintage shirts makes a lot of them impossible – the sizes, older concert shirts are rather small for big fat guys like me.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you one of today’s finds:


A shirt from the 1983 ‘Another Perfect Day’ tour. I got this album when it was new, on cassette, and I still think it’s really good even though Robo made the band sound quite differently. Now, the album cover is a bit special even in it’s origial form, and this is not a great rendering of it. But you know, I’d still TOTALLY wear this. Except… there are a few reasons why I won’t. One thousand reasons. Yup – one thousand smackaroos is the asking price for this bad boy. Nice to see there are still optimists out there…

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