Tshirtbox – finally a Swedish version of the shirt site you love to hate!

Ok, so why am I even writing about this? There’s a billion websites that sell “funny” shirts (aka shirts that are only funny once. if you’re a moron. no, not mormon). I flip through the first 25 shirts and turn my back forever. So what’s special enough about Tshirtbox that makes me wanna write about it. Well, mainly the fact that they’ve taken the trouble to come up with a few original Swedish prints instead of just copping the regular shirts everyone else sells. They’re still “funny” shirts, but I applaud the effort.



sjThis one, however. Disliking the Swedish rail company (who hasn’t been so great at running trains on time since they were privatized) is a national sport, but still… buying a shirt about it? I hope to god this remains unsold!

So, all in all crappy shirts that are only interesting to Swedes. Not my finest moment as a fashion blogger, huh? I will say this though:, there’s one shirt at that website that I’m actually considering, but I’ll keep that under wraps until I make my mind up.

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