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I wish I had the time and the energy to do what “Fred” has done – document my t-shirts and put them online, like he’s done at Nicely photographed and dated. This must have taken forever! The only thing I don’t like is that he puts other’s shirts there as well, making me a bit unsure about what shirts are his. and of course, I would have loved it if he’d told a bit of a story for some of the shirts, where and when he bought it and so on, but it’s still one hell of an effort! Fred lives down under so there’s a bit of a slant towards australian bands, but I don’t mind. In fact – that’s how I found his site, searching for the Hard-Ons “venom” shirt (he doesn’t have that, but he sure has a lot of other Hard-Ons shirts!). Check it out:





One Response to Rocking shirts online

  1. Fred says:

    Thanks for the kind words and the link. It’s great to hear what others say about the site. I think it’s about the shirts, not who owns them, but if there’s no “by Whatshisname” at the end of the description, you can be sure it’s mine. I thought about some stories, too, but since I couldn’t remember a lot of the dates and venues, I dropped that idea (some shirts I bought 30 years ago). When I was pretty sure, I noted the year and location where I bought it. By the way, I’m from germany, I only happen to love OZ rock and was down under quite a few times. But there are way to less scandinavian shirts on my site, cause scandinavian guitar bands are also very appreciated here. So if you or some of our friends bother to send me some pictures of cool band t-shirts, I would gladly put them on the site.

    Cheers and a happy new year!

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