Return to Blackness

I have written about Blackness before and I am still as confused about them as I am now. They keep ripping off imagery from punk, hardcore and black metal and putting it on their clothes, but I have no idea where they’re coming from – whether they do this out of love for ‘the scene’ or if they’re just cashing in. And I don’t really care either, but I bet others do and I think Blackness are probably right in their catchphrase “most people will hate us”.

Another confusing thing is that they have a bunch of designs on their Facebook page where it’s unclear whether they are, or have ever been for sale, which makes very little busines sense to me, but who am I to judge – I don’t get this at all. Just about the only thing I know is that Blackness have a good, albeit somewhat unoriginal, graphic designer and I like some of their designs a lot.

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