Watain shirts

Watain. Even if you haven’t heard them, you have heard of them, at least if you’re Swedish like me. Shrouded in legends, rumors, darkness and an aura of all around evilness, they spread their dark gospel across the globe like wildfire. You know, I don’t like metal at all, and I’ve always been totally against music that’s ‘spiritual’ in any kind of sense, but there are a lot of things about Watain you have to respect and admire. The main thing for me, is that I don’t think there has ever been a band that has had such a super developed, consistant, high level visual language. Everything they do – shirts, posters, album covers and (now, finally) their website fit together fantastically and seamlessly without resorting to simple reptetition of a few graphical elements. And it’s not like their style is a simplistic cut-and-paste style either, most of their graphics are intricate and complex. And to make things EVEN more impressive, this is (if I’m correctly informed) the work of one of the band members, vocalist E. Where the hell do you find the time?

So, it makes total sense that Watain also have some pretty fantastic merch. Here are just some of the shirts available from their “Wolf Wear” online merch store (and my choppy photoshopping don’t do them justice by a long shot). What can I say? Very very well done, it sure makes me wish I was into the band so I could wear some of this. Or that I could interest (and afford) E in designing something for me.

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