Metal beer for fans of Slayer and Iron Maiden

Remember the Sleigher shirt I posted? When doing my customary 5 seconds of research for that post, I ran across Ninkai Brewing Company. In addition to what seems to me like a pretty serious brewing business, they also make what I would label ‘novelty beer’,

Named Sleighr (in Slayer lettering), Helles Belles and Maiden the Shade. I suppose the people who buy the Motörhead wine may be the target audience here (but are they in the market for connaiseur beer?)

But it doesn’t end there. What Ninkansi do better than ANY other beer compnay I’ve seen (and I have looked at MANY) is merchandising. Holy moly, their store is HUGE! Naturally, there’s all kinds of stuff with their logo on it, but they also have both shirts and posters for the Sleighr and Maiden the Shade beers and tons of other stuff, check it out!

If there’s one thing they could get better at, it’s product photography – I’m sparing you most of the ‘stayin alive’ pose used to display the Sleighr backprint (and also – are you supposed to be able to see what it looks like from that miniscule back print?), but now I’m being really picky, considering this is a beer company, not a clothing company.

One Response to Metal beer for fans of Slayer and Iron Maiden

  1. Wow, I gotta have a taste of that beer lol!

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