How to look not only naked, but naked AND British (yuk)!

Seriously, what the fuck? I think it’s a fascinating idea, printing clothes that make you look naked, but I’ve never quite understood why you’d want to wear them? To look sexy? To shock people? To disgust people?

If you wanna be sexy, you couldn’t get it more wrong. If you want to make people sick however, this may be the shirt for you. I mean, the front is not so bad, but the back… eugh! The only thing I’m missing is a bad sunburn for that perfect “British 20-something on his first charter trip to benidorm” look that makes all the rest of us feel a little bit more sexy on the beach.

Fortunately, as is the case with so much of the “look naked” clothing, this is just an aaart project (what isn’t, these days?) with an edition of one copy, so hopefully we won’t have to see this again.

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