Romney can’t dunk

So, tomorrow’s the day when we find out if one of the biggest countries in the world will be ruled by an even bigger and more religious nutcase than we’re used to… Exciting times!

You know, if you wanted to, you could write an entire blog about nothing but shirts for the u.s. election. Most of them suck ass and their attempt at “clever” stabs at the other party make me wanna poke my eyes out. Fuck, even that racist hick with the “Put the White back in the White House” has gotten the idea of election t-shirts better (though I still think he should be deported).

Well, anyway, I still wanted to post this one, even though it is kinds pointless in its criticism (but then again, that’s what Fancy Politics do – rather apolitical politics shirts).

Damn, I’m rambling. I need food. Sorry.

Get it here.

…maybe I should wath White men can’t jump again? Surely it can’t be as funny as I remember it or as bad as I’m guessing it is?

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