Dammit shirts – Misfits and Ilsa, together at last

British Dammit Shirts has tons and tons of prints. Lots of familiar punk prints I recognize from old photos and record covers. Most of them are just bad mockups so it’s hard to tell how good they actually look and feel, but they have a lot of prints that are a bit unusual so check ‘m out.

I would totally have killed to own the Sid Vicious ‘Drunken Cowboys’ shirts when I was 15. These days… thanks, I’m ok without it. Please note the blurring was made by them (most likely due to eBay’s christian beliefs).

Unfortunately, not all their shirts are quite as great. The Misfits 3D shirt is a lame attempt at recreating one of my all-time favorite shirts (featured at the bottom of this post). Also, the KLF shirt… Almost, but not quite there, I’d say. I’m tempted to get it anyway but I think I’ll hold out for a better one (or make my own). Feels a bit… underworked.

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