Fuudobrain – Japanese underground weirdness and greatness!

Damn… where to begin. At the beginning? Ok.

Style guru 138 posted a picture on Instagram of the Disney/Discharge mashup below so I instantly asked for a URL, not because I like Discharge very much (neither the slow crusty band they were nor the joke they are today) but I love mashups and the inclusion of a band from vaguely the same scene I’m active in, mixed with the ultimate corporate corporation with hordes of evil lawyers… too good! Anyway, 138 pointed me to:


Like most things Japanese, fuudobrain is very confusing, even after you run it through google translate, so this’ll be a pretty vague, albeit very long, post. Seems like it’s a company that makes their own stuff but also sells things by others. They have a lot of band merch, but I’m not sure whether they print it themselves (I kinda get that feeling though) or just re-sell. They also have things from all kinds of other brands. Clothing, prints, jewelry… you name it.

Anyway, feel free to correct any of the above, but there’s one thing you can’t deny. Fuudobrain has a staggering amount of good looking shirts. I have NEVER felt obliged to post more than ten photos in a post. That’s 30 shirts! And there is way more on the website, go check it out.

Then again… ordering from a website in Japanese… seems tricky. And confusing. We’ll just have to see, if the Disneycharge stuff comes back in stock I may just have to!

(spot the fuck-up?)

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