You don’t deserve that shirt!

Wanna get an underground music fan really, really upset? Show them a photo of some mainstream celebrity wearing a shirt with a band they love and adore! There’s a great thread on the Nuclear War Now! forum about this. I’ve only read parts of it yet, but rest assured, I’m gonna read all of it! Lots of profanity, lots of mud slinging, lots of plain old hatred. You have been warned.

Personally, I kinda figure that even really really famous people might actually like unknown or unexpected bands. However, there’s no denying that a lot of people walk around wearing Iron Maiden and Ramones shirts, though you’re pretty damn sure they’ve never listened to them in their lives. And I can sort of understand that, I guess – it can sometimes be tempting to buy a great shirt even though you don’t like the band – it’s happened to me several times, although I’ve been able to resist most times. Also, I figure ultra rich and famous people probably have stylists who dress them and once you’ve given up the desicion making on what to wear, I guess you don’t really care anymore, as long as it looks cool.

So, what about Ryan Gosling wearing a Limp Wrist shirt? I really don’t know. I hope he likes them. And if he doesn’t, I hope a lot of people see the photo and check them out, and if that happens – it was

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