Mash-up shirts, lots of them!

Oh, the joy of a good mash-up shirt! I’ve posted a lot of them here in the past and today I thought I’d do a small round-up of mashups. Let’s go!

Remember these? Well, here’s another comedy mash-up, mixing The Misfits with Bill Hicks. Should be available here (but isn’t right now).

Oh fuck yeah! Mixing Discharge with Descendents, what a stroke of genious! Get it here! Now.

I should have split these into separate posts, some of these shirts are so damn good. Mixing Mayhem and Morrissey… maybe I need to get me one of these! This kickass shirt can be found here.

I’ve posted a number of Masters of the Universe shirts in the past – here’s one mixed up with The Misfits (a very popular mashup subject – that’s what you get for having iconic artwork I guess). Used to be available here.

Here’s one that only guitar nerds will get – a Gibson/Fender mashup. Get it here.

Would anyone care to venture a guess as to why the website is no longer online? Can you say “lawyer”? No way to get this anymore I guess…

Powell/Peralta mixed with a bit of Darth Vader. I know I keep saying I don’t like Star Wars shirt and still post them, but what am I to do, there’s a quite a lot of good ones out there you know? Get it here.

I’m pretty sure the most humorless of all super heroes would NOT be amused to be mashed up with one of the most insane killers in litterature. Get it here.

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