Red Stag shirts – whiskey drinking for people with a sweet tooth


Red Stag. The name alone makes my mouth water…

I’ve never been much of a whiskey drinker. My wife is a great lover of Islay single malts and has always frowned at the bottle of Grant’s I bought in a duty free shop years and years ago and which has since sat pretty much untouched at the back of the liquor cabinet (well, one of them).

But then, this spring, I was introduced to Red Stag. Jim Beam bourbon, infused black cherry flavors. Damn, that stuff is good. Yeah, it’s not for purists, but I was never one of them and I’ve always been partial to sweet drinks and coctails, so… what the hell. Not that it’s necessarily a good thing, but suddenly I drink a lot more hard liquor than I’ve ever done in the past. A finger (or two) of Red Stag in front of the tv or at the end of a meal, very nice.

So, I thought I’d have a look at Red Stag merch. Unfortunately, Jim Beam decided to go with fucking Kid Rock as a spokes person for Red Stag, which almost (but just almost) made me turn the back on the brand alltogether. So that fucks up some of the merch. Next, it seems they’ve made the mistake of printing a lot of shirts where the prints are way to small. But then, as seen in the photos above, they’ve done a couple of shirts (well, it’s the same shirt in different color combinations, I guess) that are actually very nice. The red one is available from the Red Stag web store and the brown one is up on Ebay now. Unfortunately, none of them are available in a size that fits me, but I’ll keep looking.

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  1. Great post. Do you guys have a contact email?

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