Vintage KLF shirt on eBay now!

Holy fucking crap! This shirt, I have been dreaming about! I’ve only ever seen it on a shitty photo of Pixie Geldof, only hers was black – even more desirable of course! The only thing stopping me from mortgaging the house at the moment, is the fact that this is a bit on the small side for me (and it’s white). Damn, this has got me going, KLF shirts on eBay doesn’t happen every day and THIS one, the best one they ever made! I’d be disappointed if this didn’t sell for an obscene amount of money!

Hell, why don’t anyone just buy it and start running reprints? Please? The classic front, the sleeve print and that FANTASTIC back print! Hell, I might buy it and starve myself into it! Only, once you’ve paid what I expect this to sell for, you’d be afraid to wear it in public. Like I said: reprints please!

Join the bidding!

8 Responses to Vintage KLF shirt on eBay now!

  1. Dean Ball says:

    Did you see how much it went for?! I have one, not in as good condition,but I still have one!

  2. Sure did – it ended at 305 USD, less than I thought it would actually.

    • Anonymous says:

      I sold a 2nd beautiful shirt the same day which went up to 260,- $ within the last seconds. The person outbidding all others was also highest-bidding on the KLF shirt which came second. I think when people saw how ruthless the buyer did with the first one they did’t want to give it a try on the KLF shirt wich actually was on 305,- UDS then…but thats just some speculation. I don’t sell those shirts to earn money anyway. However, my best shirts are still here but might be for auction on ebay soon – so watch out. And….to be honest, who the fuck wants to ware the same shirt as Pixie Geldof…who is she?

  3. Well… I do! Not to be like Pixie (who’s the daughter of Bob Geldof) but because it’s by far the best looking KLF shirt I’ve seen.
    Well, if you’ve got more shirts coming up, feel free to give me a shout, maybe it’s something I wanna put on the blog – can’t hurt, can it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, sure I’m just kidding. You know, I really loved that KLF shirt. That’s why I kept it over the years..not wearing it often. All this stuff….
      My favorite is a white New Order shirt from 1987. The one Barney wears in the True Faith video. However it wasn’t obvious it was a New Order shirt in the Video. I wanted that shirt so desperately back then. Even really hard to find in 1987, but finally I got it. Know what? I just wore it a few times and eventually washed it twice. It’s almost new after 25 years. Maybe I’ll keep that one….’my precious’.
      I’ll drop you a messeage once I’m ready to sell another one.

  4. Terryl says:

    I have an identical one to that shown, minus the copyright at the bottom of the back print. Pixie Geldoff isn’t going to tarnish the reputation of the KLF, so I wear it with pride.

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