If you’re looking for a new RAMONES shirt…

you could do a lot worse than this, I think. Then again, I’m not sure I’d feel confident buying from a webshop that looks like it was made in 1999, with product photos my mum might have taken. I dunno, have a look for yourself. It’s odd though, the only thing that’s different from a bog standard RAMONES shirt is the colour scheme. Well, that and the fact that it says Tommy instead of Ritchie. All through my youth – all you could get were Ritchie shirts, very annoying when you liked the first four albums sooo much more.

Ramones shirts are tricky though. I looked for a new one forever and ended up buying a nice retro raglan shirt with the Road to Ruin print on it. Too bad it was a bit too small, I think I only ever wore it once, so I guess I should keep looking…

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