YES! Actual Pain!

You know, just like little kids wish that every day could be christmas, I go through my shirt blogs every day wishing there’ll be a new release from Actual Pain. Some other people whimp out and start making sucky shirts (I’m talking about you Mishka) but Acutal Pain stay true to the concept, that hipstrish satanic but oh so good looking style we’ve all come to love and cherish. I won’t say much more ’cause I don”t have much else to say except “well done”. Again.

Ok, actually, I will say one more thing. Actual pain now also have leggings. For some reason this doesn’t excite me much. You know, I really can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of leggings or even the last time I even faintly lusted after a pair of slightly occult leggings. Nope.

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