Dude, that’s retarded…

We Are Lions – t-shirts designed by people with developmental challenges. The Arts of Life, Inc. is committed to providing high quality, innovative services for developmentally disabled adults. The studio focuses on its artists’ needs and strives to exceed expectations. The Arts of Life will continue to be characterized by both dedication to its artists and excellence in the field of developmental disabilities.

Oh, this is gonna be a minefield. Normally, I don’t care much about potentially offending anyone – fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. Developmentally disabled however (by the way, I hadn’t heard that term before – it’s not easy to keep up with the ‘correct’ name for everything these days (and with that in mind, maybe people shouldn’t always be QUITE so sensitive when you get it wrong), but we’re talking about, in part, what used to be called ‘retarded people’ (and it should be pretty easy to figure out THAT name is no longer ok to use). There’s also a number of other varieties of unfortunate peole in this group – people who haven’t been lucky enough to live a life that allowed them to develop in a regular way. Sucks.

So, yeah, everything that is done to help unfortunate people like this to have a better life – hey, I’m all for it. But… (why is there always a but (no, not a butt)?). I can’t help but wonder how many people wear these shirts in a non-condescending way, or without the ulterior motive of making themselves seem or feel like a really really great person. And what a great ice-breaker at a party, huh? Maybe it’s just me, but I think these all look like they were designed by little kids – they’re not exactly good looking (but then again, people love that fucking Keith Harring so maybe they will dig this as well) – wo what would make you buy and wear this?

Yeah, I’m rambling. And maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s ok to buy a crayola designed shirt and feel good about being such a nice and open minded person when wearing it? It beats the heck out of no one buying these shirts, that’s for sure. And I mean… half of the hipster dung available on the shirt market today ALSO looks like it was designed by a fiveyearold, so.

I have no good wrap-up for this. I would like to finish with something that showed my support for We Are Lions, and encouraged you to support them as well, but having written what I just have, how can I? Sorry. Or something.

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