Instant shirts

(another breathtaking photoshop job by yours truly)

This is a bit of an oddball shirt company (and in a world of streamlined, ultra-slick logo shirt companies, I like that). Instant makes shirts that comment current happenings in the world, often in a way that requires a bit of previous knowledge – or else, you might mistake one of their shirts for just another generic shirt. Here’s what they say:

Our mission is to develop t-shirts that reflect what is happening in culture: high culture and low culture and what some have called “no culture.” … According to a formula known only to !nstant’s two founders and a cocktail waitress, suggestions for t-shirt imagery and text are automatically generated. An elite network of artists then utilize these suggestions to complete the design. Very shortly thereafter, a piece of raw culture is posted to our homepage.

Now, all of their shirts aren’t great (in my book), some of them seem less thought-through and I get the feeling Instant are flailing their arms aimelessly around them, trying to hit anything and everything. Sometimes, though, they hit the jackpot, if you excuse me for mixing my metaphores a bit. That Putin riding bare chested shirt is pure genious!


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