CRASS with Mickey Mouse ears – GENIOUS!

Wow, this was an unexpected (and unholy) union if I ever saw one! The fucking geniouses at CUBOPOP are selling this shirt that sure as shit isn’t endorsed by Disney (but then again, their New Order shirt wasn’t endorsed by New Order, so…). At least they offer to split the dough. Here’s what they have to say:

…we are aware that we’re exploiting one of punk rock’s first and last bastions of integrity. So with that, we’d would like to extend our hand to CRASS (Steve Ignorant/Penny Rimbaud): You are entitled to half of the proceeds from the profits of these sales. If you would like them, or would like to have them donated to a charity/cause of your choice, please contact us through the link above. This offer extends to Bob Iger (Disney) as well… or whoever contacts us first.

However, they end with a warning:

Please be aware that the money from your purchase will go towards proliferating the cause of Absurdo-Terrorism. You will be directly funding future antics such as this one, so thank you very much in advance.

Let’s just say that I’m very, very tempted to fund me some Absurdo-Terrorism! Get it here!

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