This whole satanic drug thing…

Have you seen it before? I have. And if you read this blog, so have you. Well, not these exact shirts (it’ll happen one day, it’s enevitable that I forget and re-post a shirt, but that’s not what I’m talking about), but shirts that are very similar. Slap on some references to drugs and satan, throw in an inverted cross and call it a day. Risque hipster shirt making 101. So, am I being unfair for letting Anchorsand be the posterboys of this trend. Nah… the way I figure, they deserve punishment for the boring designs. I can’t figure out if the shirts really look this bad or if it’s just a bad photoshop job. Still, this would be a good way to upset granny (and I can’t argue with “fuck god and believe in yourself”, true words indeed, quasi-deep as they may be).

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