Star Wars pin-ups from Dethsta

If there’s one thing I’ve said over and over again in this blog, it’s this: I think Star Wars is absurdly overrated, but even though the movies don’t do much for me, the gigantic fan-base ensure there are a few good Star Wars shirts released now and then. Now, Deathsta (get it? took me a second to be honest but then I’m not a fan boy) is a real one trick pony of a company – they only make Star Wars shirts. Then again, they do it real well, so maybe it’s not a problem. Stormtrooper/Vader/Fett(?) helmets on 50’s pin-ups… it’s so whacky you gotta like it.

The logo shirts and the Vader playing card shirts are damn nice too – if I wanted to showcase my geekiness and poor taste in movies, I’d definitely place an order with Dethsta!

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