Betty Boop’s boobs and the Teen Witch

Woah! Betty Boop’s boobs. An upside down cross. “Teen witch”. This shirt is pretty damn awsome, definitely a shirt to turn heads and upset sensitive people. And it’s not just a random print, this is actually merch for a magazine called… you guessed it: Teen Witch.

I won’t even pretend I understand what this mag is about. Listen to this:

TEEN WITCH is a magazine that puts BOP and J-14 through a kaleidoscope, aiming to honor and give praise to the gay and trans youth underground scene. Essentially art-based, TEEN WITCH is inspired by sub-cultures, the Internet, Nickelodeon magazine and childhood nostalgia.

Issue #1:

Mykki Blanco‘s ‘Poetry Corner’
♡ Teen Witch trading cards
♡ Teen Advice with Mollysoda
Alexis Penney‘s Twitter Crush
♡ Time out with Jenna Rose
♡ A Day with TEETH!!!
♡ Dealing with Glass Popcorn
Hatsune Miku: Cyber Idol
♡ Steal Her Look: AAHHH!! Real Monsters
♡ Full color Pinups of SSION, TEETH!!!, Hunx, Alexis, Hatsune & More!
Yard666sale, Gerlan Jeans & Sam2.0
Unicornkid: ‘Cartoon Boners & Cyber Crushes’

A day with teeth? What’s special about that – that’s like every day to me? This is all COMPLETE gibberish to me, I guess I’m too old. But if you’re into unicorns and shit, I urge you to get the mag and then the shirt and wear it proudly. Hell, I don’t care if the magazine sucks ass, with shirts this great, you can still endorse them with pride. Get it here.

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