Sucker4Clothes – here’s what will happen to you if you keep this up!

Wow, this is kinda scary actually. After blogging about them for 4 years, this German guy decided to make the leap and start making and selling shirts. Seriously, I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Design stuff – sure! Make, market and sell? No thanks!

Anyway, I like these. Wearing a shirt that says “SUCKER” in giant letters across the shoulders is exactly the kind of thing I like. No, I’m dead serious. United states of capitalism, sure – that’s a bit… I dunno, maybe I’ve just been in the punk scene too long but shit like that makes me tired, pick a harder target, will ya? People should make more self depreciating shirts (not that they would sell, but I would be happy and like them). Sorry, I digress. Check out Sucker4Clothes. Now.

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