Skrillex shirts

Ok, so I’m sure this is a sign of something bad, some feverish and pathetic attempt to reclaim youth or something but these last couple of days I’ve been listening to Skrillex a lot. So, naturally, I checked out his merch and I have to say that even though most of it kinda sucked (well, maybe not sucked, let’s just say the aesthetics were not to my liking), there were a couple of shirts I really liked:

Super clean, requiring prior knowledge for you to even understand that it’s merch and not just a patterned shirt. The black-on-black (so to speak) has a foil print. The very precise description of the shirt in the Skrillex webstore and the quality of the shirt is something I’ve almost never seen in merch before, they normally just go with bog standard Fruit of the Loom shirts. Very nice, I like!

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