New Order, in league with satan… er, sorry – Disney!

Chances are you’ve seen this already – the entire t-shirt community had its knickers in a twist over this shirt yesterday and it was all over Facebook. Well, I didn’t have time yesterday so sue me, I never intended for this to be a ambulance chasing newsmedia anyway. All day yesterday I was yelling in my best Gary Oldman voice; “I don’t have TIME fort this Mickey Mouser bullshit”.

So, Disney put out a New Order shirt. Or, at least, a shirt influenced by New Order. Since Disney have about to billion lawyers on staff, ready to pounce on anyone who puts a toe on the wrong side of the line of copyright, I assume this is all above board, which means New Order approved this shirt. Which means they are now even richer. It also means they’re sell-outs. I have no idea, maybe they’re the kind of band that sells out all the time, maybe it isn’t much of an issue among their fans, I have no idea, but even to me – who doesn’t give a shit about the band, this feels off.

At the moment, this shirt seems to have vanished from the Disney online store (it was there yesterday, albeit sold out) so I’ll incorporate their description of the shirt:

Inspired by the iconic sleeve of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album, this Waves Mickey Mouse Tee incorporates Mickey’s image within the graphic of the pulse of a star. That’s appropriate given few stars have made bigger waves than Mickey!

Pretty weird, huh? I don’t understand any of it to be honest. Well, I guess that’s all there is to it. I wonder what’s next though. Disney shirts inspired by… the Cramps? KMFDM? Let’s hope so!

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