Musical Apparel

Yeah, Musical Apparel make shirts connected to music. Now, I like music, but I still wouldn’t wear these shirts. Unless I was an ukulele player or the poor sod manning the gong in the orchestra (believe it or not, I have been, at one point), then I’d get them for sure. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Non-cliche, music inspired t-shirt designs are brought to life by our network of different artists and are professionally silk-screened in limited batches. Music is a big part of life and personal expression so it was decided that we represent that deep love and passion for music through our brand. From years of playing in the garage, partying at backyard gigs, to rocking out at concerts, Musical Apparel embodies the soundtrack that accompanies each of our own unique life journeys.

Sounds pretty good, huh? So, I abolutely applaud the idea, it’s just that our views on what a great shirt is differ a bit. Still, good idea.

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