Hands off!

I ain’t blacking out shit today – I don’t even think I could do it whether I wanted to or not. I am usually hesitant towards hyped protests (remember “wear something red to show support for Burma”? How many of those people have ANY idea what goes on in Burma now?). Still… keep your greedy hands away from free speach, assholes!

Damn! I read (or listened to, can’t even remember that now) a great feature about how Disney completely ignored copyright in the early days, and now they would probably build concentration camps for online pirates inside wonder mountain if they were allowed to.

Ok, I’m off to join the Kopyright Liberation Front, see ya!


One Response to Hands off!

  1. doomionista says:

    And, as I’m browsing throuh all your archive tonight, that’d probably be Lawrence Lessigs “Free Culture” lecture.

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