Nothing but self-hype

There are no links and no pretty pictures today, only a grumpy old man. I’ve been going through a lot of online stores of small, independent companies tonight, checking a bunch of links and blog posts and looking at hundreds of shirts. And… I’m wondering whether I’ve changed my mind somehow, if I’ve just had enough, or if I’ve always felt this way. Here’s the thing:

I’m sick to death of shirt companies/labels who’s only idea is to make prints with nice logos for their own company. I won’t be pointing fingers today, but there’s plenty of them – waay too many in my opinion. That’s all you have to offer? That’s your only idea? The only thing you want to express? You’ve thought of a name and now you cook up a gazillion generic prints with that name  in various fonts, with some added visual frills but nothing else really? I’m surprised that this is how so many seem to operate.

And naturally, I become less and less enclined to wear a shirt made by a company like this. What are they about? Are they about anything? Why should I want to wear this? Sure, they all have a page on their web sites called “mission” or “our philosophy” and they all sound the same and they rarely say anything that means anything.

So yeah, I doubt I’ll be posting many shirts from labels like these in the future, I guess we shall see. What’s your view on this?

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