Blood splattered fresh meat clothing from Firschfleisch

As stated earlier, my German isn’t all that good. I understand some, but I’m far from fluent. So, with their website down for maintenance and their Facebook page only offering info in German, I can’t say all that much about Frischfleisch apart from the fact that they’re a streetwear brand with a name that means “fresh meat” and they’re really into meat and blood splatter. Then again, who isn’t?

I initially thought the splattering on this shirt was printed and I was pretty impressed with that, but after browsing the Facebook album “Frischfleisch on tour” I realize it’s hand made and that this is probably the one that came out best, unless you like uneven, smudged blood staining (I bet some do, gives a bit more of that serial killer, horror movie feel, but I prefer the look of this shirt). Too bad, I would have loved to hear how it was done, and i wouldn’t mind making a blood splattered shirt of my own.

Oh, and in case you forgot: if you like shirts with blood splattering, check out this shirt too.

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