Crappy New Year

What the hell, I’ve been complaining everywhere else, might as well do it here as well. I’m sick. Not as in “I’ve got terminal cancer” or anything, but enough to knock me out for a few days in a row, completely fucking up my x-mas vacation and – today – my new years celebration. I’ll spare you the gory details but it’s not pretty. And all the posts I figured I’d have time to write during the holidays… not much happened there.

On a happier note – December was yet another record breaking month for Shirts of Satan. It’s not one of them super popular blogs (but then again, I don’t write about the really important things like food or celebrities) so you can still feel exclusive for reading it. But that doesn’t matter much to me, it’s been the same with most things I’ve done in my life. As long as thing keep improving, I’m happy. Thanks for taking a minute now and then to check out my shirts. Hope your 2012 turns out much better than my last days of 2011. Happy New Year from Shirts of Satan!

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