Satan loves you!

Maybe this is another sign of this blog deteriorating; me posting photos like this one, but… I agree – this doesn’t exactly look like a person Satan* would like to call a friend – fucking clown!

Speaking of Satan as a friend, I’ve seen The Dwarves twice this weekend, they ruled supreme and they did play “Satan is a friend of mine” (and not only that, after their acoustic (fantastic) set on Åland, Blag played “Sharon Needles” for me an my ears only backstage. Fanboy heaven!).

And, to go full circle in a sense, let’s talk about Entombed – who once covered “Satan is a friend of mine”. I remember way back in the day when they played some Swedish festival and sold shirts that said “Satan älskar dig” (Satan loves you) on the back ane EVERYONE was wearing them. Not me, of course, I don’t like metal much, but everyone else. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find a photo of this shirt on the interwebs. So, enough Satan for one night, take care!

* Yeah, that whole Satanic shit, it’s for religious idiots but it’s sort of a funny concept if you approach it the right way. Trve satanism though – just another religion if you ask me, and you know how I feel about religion.

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