This ain’t no cross on my…. err… chest.

No, I didn’t quit. Not yet. But maybe I should, my stats have been way up these last days. I like to delude myself that there are all these people out there, frantically checking my blog to see whether I’ve updated it or if I’m gone forever. Most likely, some porn-bot got stuck or something.

Here’s one of them annoying shirts I don’t know where to buy, I just found an image of it. I’ve featured sooo many shirts with upside down crosses on them but this is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s just the contrast of that super clean shirt on that tattooed scumbag model, I dunno. Gotta love it!

Oh, and about my image problem? Turns out I’ve got the sucky version of Photoshop on one of my laptops. I thought it was just a 30 day trial but it seems to be fully functional, so I guess that’s no longer an excuse (I still have my new job sucking up most of my energy though so don’t expect me to start posting 3 shirts a day again any time soon).

Ok, thanks for staying tuned. I’ll be back.

3 Responses to This ain’t no cross on my…. err… chest.

  1. Det är anti-life som gör dom där tröjorna. Äckliga life-metal typer som slår mynt på äkta dödsdyrkan…

  2. Äreså? Dom har inga såna på sajten vad jag kan se (och tröjor med korsen uppåner är det ju rätt vanligt att folk gör).

    Äkta dödsdyrkan…

  3. joey12345 says:

    Abandon Ship Apparel!

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