Speaking of aliens… Italian weirdness (AND bulgarian)

Those Aliens shirts reminded me of the time me and the wife went to a circus in Bulgaria sometime in the very early 2000s. The whole experience turned out to be very odd, with us taking part in at least four of the acts (with me – as one of the two fattest guys in the entire audience, apparently – standing (together with the even fatter guy) on the stomach of the fakir, who was lying on broken glass. Later, they put boards up and drove the cat tamer’s old Renault up onto him) and things varying between freakish, sad and plain scary (there was a fucking ice bear about one meter from me, with only a 3 inch fence and a flimsy muzzle to stop him from attacking the audience (me)).

Anyway, to me it got apparent quite early that this was a bit different from a circus in the west. We arrived probably 45 minutes before the show started, and the ENTIRE time we waited, they played what my wife instanly and excitedly identified as Radiorama – some Italian Italo Disco band that normal people have never heard of. The first song was “Aliens” (or Aaaahliens as they seem to pronounce it in Italy) and I hereby invite you to check out the video for it:

I promise, you’ll like it a lot.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find Radiorama shirts online, which was my intended plan to justify this post, but I’ll just count that as proof that I was right about not many people liking this band.

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