Ren & Stimpy Cupcakes – I don’t get it

Of all the cartoons I’ve watched, I don’t think anything has ever gotten close to how much I liked Ren & Stimpy when I first saw it. I don’t think I’ve ever quoted any other cartoon as much either. I like’em a lot. In fact, I have once owned a slightly odd piece of R&S memorabilia – a counterfeit (I’m pretty sure) silk tie that I picked up in the night market in Hong Kong in 1995. I gave that to my fellow R&S fan John for his birthday a couple of years later, still unworn. And… I have a feeling this shirt would stay in my drawer, unworn, as well, were I to buy it. Ok, I like Ren & Stimpy, but why would I want Johnny Cupcakes on the shirt? I mean, I like JC, if they weren’t so expensive I would buy his shirts, but the mix? Don’t understand.

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