Life’s fucked anyway

I realize now that when I wrote about Petals & Peacocks, I forgot their totebag. Normally, I don’t give two shits about these flimsy bags and I’ve never understood their popularity as merch within the d-beat punk scene – who the hell wants to carry stuff around in one of these, looking like a 60-something language teacheress? Who cares if the bag says Bathtub Shitter, it’s still one of those lame bags.

Except for this one. This one I like. Not enough to buy it of course, but still. You know, X-mas is right around the corner, maybe this would make a nice stocking stuffer or whatever the fuck it’s called in uncivilized countries where they put gifts into socks (fucking weirdos!).

Disclaimer: I do own a bag like this. Somewhere (at my parents) there is a bag that I bought back in the 80s. My defense was that it was merch for a band I loved and I picked up EVERYTHING that had their logo on it, everything! And I’m sorry!

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