Black metal cuteness

Ali Horn is a Scottish illustrator who’s work takes a lot of inspiration from black metal. Whether the love is reciprocated, I have no idea – black metalers tend to be very protective of their culture and not very open to people who lack the official scene sign of apporval.

Anyway, working under the name Xenocblood, Horn does things that are more naïve and childish than the black metal artwork I normally like (pretty much everything Watain has ever done (apart from their butt ugly website), the stuff by Metastazis and so on) but some of the funny stuff is hard not to like.

I won’t yap anymore, check out this stuff and if you like it, you can get it from the Xenocblood Etsy store.

Oh, and did I say ‘cuteness’? So sorry, I meant kvteness of course!

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