Petals and Peacocks

One really popular thing with other t-shirt blogs (me, I’m waaay too lazy) is to compile lists of shirts. You know; 200 great Dr. Who shirts or The best 50 shirts with anchors on them. I think it may be time for someone to put together the ultimate list of shirts with inverted crosses on them. And if they do, Petals and Peacocks would have a couple of entries on it, as would any aspiring, self-respecting hipster shirt ‘label’ (I still feel stupid calling a shirt company a label – in my world, labels put out music, not shirts).

So, anyway, sorry for ranting. This is about Petals and Peacocks. Quite a lot of prints, different stuff, nothing that’ll make you go “OMG I’ve never seen anything like it” but classic hipster wear that flirts with the dark side, you know? Oh, and I guess I should mention that I love their look book photos (none of which I used here, so check ’em out!).

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